TRIUMCOIN is a global payment system based on Crypto. With a stable exchange rate, TRIUMCOIN is a reliable means of payment, with the growth of controlled coin prices making it an attractive value storage tool. TRIUMCOIN is a etherbase cryptocurrency. Detention of volatility and price growth is managed by an autonomous system algorithm acting like a central bank, under the name TRIUM Bank. The financial instruments used will allow traders to benefit from exchange rates without damaging the coin ecosystem. Instead, they will support it.

Currency Specification


Code : TRIUM

Symbol : TRIUMCoin

Contract Address : 0x0a77892AFB2ec87025ca78F7f0e3e317E0aEcCE4

Algo Type : ERC-20 Crypto

Blockchain : Ethereum

Wallet : myetherwallet.com

Total Supply : 100.000.000

TRIUMCoin Allocation Supply